Steps to selling your home

If you would like for us to complete a market analysis to give you an idea of your home’s value please visit the HOME’S VALUE page and we will be in touch.


Sellers Consultation

In the sellers consultation we will discuss the sales process. We will work together to gather information about your property and discuss possible improvements (staging, curb appeal) to help your home sell quickly and for top dollar. We will provide you with a detailed market analysis and help you determine a sales price.


Listing and Marketing

Once the price is set and the home is staged it will be photographed by a professional photographer. The home will then be listed in the Austin MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The home will also appear on, and other real estate listing services. We will also share your homes information with other brokers who work in the area.



All showings of your home will be arranged with you. All prospective buyers will be accompanied by a licensed Realtor. A key to your home will be placed in a special lockbox that can only be accessed by Realtors. To make sure your home gets maximum exposure we will also hold an Open House the week it goes on the market.



We will show you all offers that are submitted on the house. Offers may be accepted, rejected or countered. Once an offer has been accepted the house is officially under contract. At this point the home will be inspected and based on the report buyers may choose to renegotiate the contract.



It typically takes 4 – 6 weeks to go from an offer to closing. Closing will take place at the Title Company of your choice. Closing typically takes about an hour. Once all of the paperwork is signed your home is SOLD!


Attend the closing, get your keys and MOVE IN!

Before closing you will want to make sure you have arranged for utillities and insurance. Closings typically happen at the company that will be issuing the title policy.  We will attend closing with you to help explain all of the documents and contracts. Be sure to bring your identification and your down payment with you to closing.