Steps to buying a home

If you would like to start looking for homes right away you can visit SEARCH ALL PROPERTIES. Please let us know if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss the buying process or view homes.


Buyers Consultation

In this meeting the home buying process will be thoroughly explained. We will talk about your prefered neighborhoods, specific needs, and what styles of homes interest you most. We will set search parameters for email alerts and develop a plan to help you find your new home. We are also happy to take this opportunity to show you a few homes currently on the market in the area.


Select a Lender

Pre-approval for a loan is easily obtained by either applying online or over the phone.  It is important to know how much money can borrow before we begin viewing homes. Lenders will base your loan amount on your income, down payment, credit rating and debt. Once you’ve been pre-approved your lender will issue a pre-approval letter, letting sellers know you are pre-qualified.


Find a home and make an offer

Based on the criteria established in the buyer’s consultation we will start sending you home listings. You will select the homes you’d like to view and we will set up the viewings. When you find a home that is right for you we will present on offer to the seller. Offers prices are based on a comparative analysis of what has recently sold in the neighborhood.


Expenses before closing

When a seller accepts your offer you will need to provide money for an option and escrow  You will also need to pay for a home inspection , an appraisal, down payment and closing costs. We can provide estimates of how much each of these line items will cost in the buyer’s consultation, and it is important to plan for these expenses.


Home Inspection

Once your offer has been accepted you will schedule a home inspection. The property inspector will provide a detailed report explaining the home’s condition. It may be necessary to schedule additional inspections based on what is discovered in the initial inspection. Typically the inspection reports can be used as a tool to re-negotiate the sales price.


Attend the closing, get your keys and MOVE IN!

Before closing you will want to make sure you have arranged for utillities and insurance. Closings typically happen at the company that will be issuing the title policy.  We will attend closing with you to help explain all of the documents and contracts. Be sure to bring your identification and your down payment with you to closing.